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Cashless Catering

The key aim of the cashless catering system at Virgo Fidelis is to make lunch time more efficient, easier and better value for you and your daughter and to remove the need for them to carry money.

Our cashless catering vending system does not require your daughter to carry a swipe card.

It is quick and simple to use and the benefits are clear to the students, staff and the school.

There are key fundamental reasons why our cashless catering will be a clear winner for both students and the school:

  • It will enable the students to be served more efficiently and quickly keeping queues to a minimum
  • It will ensure complete confidentiality for students entitled to free school meals.
  • It is a unique verification. No one else can access the student’s (your) money.
  • It will help to prevent bullying, by ensuring that students no longer need to carry cash to school.
  • It will ensure that money provided by parents to pay for school meals is used only for that purpose.
  • It will provide parents with the knowledge that their child is eating at lunchtime.
  • Payment methods include secure online payment via our service provider ParentPay. Cash top-up is also possible via our wall mounted coin and note loader.


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