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School meals have never attracted so much public attention.

Scientists are discovering that when young people eat healthy food regularly they are sharper and more alert.

New standards mean we have reduced fat, sugar and salt in our recipes and increased fruit and vegetable consumption, therefore contributing significantly to your daughter’s healthy diet.

Although meals are healthier than ever, it’s all about striking a balance and the ‘proof of the pudding’ is that the uptake of school meals has increased.

"I give her school dinners to encourage her to eat a hot dinner in a social situation. They are nutritious and great value for money".

Parent Diane Hambley, Coed Eva

Benefits of school meals:

  • They are healthy and nutritionally balanced
  • Convenient - can help you save time in the mornings by not having to prepare a packed lunch
  • Children benefit from sitting down together at a table and can try new foods
  • Help children concentrate and perform well at school
  • Help your child towards the target of consuming ‘5-a-day'
  • Promote children’s social skills, table manners and ability to make informed meal choices
  • Allow children to relax in a safe, supervised environment with friends
  • Your child can enjoy theme menus such as a St David's Day special
  • Good value for money

How are we encouraging healthy eating?

  • Virgo Fidelis is a Healthy Eating award School which promotes healthy living
  • Ensuring a whole school/cross curricular approach to healthy eating
  • Providing breakfast (breakfast club for early starters)
  • Promoting regular exercise