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Free School Meals

As a school we encourage anyone who is entitled to apply for free school meals.

Parents and carers may feel that they do not wish to apply, for any number of reasons, but there are some very good reasons why it is a good idea to apply.

1. At Virgo Fidelis we use cashless catering to allow complete anonymity for students in receipt of free school meals. There are no 'tickets' or 'tokens' that will make a student feel embarrassed to claim their entitlement.

2. You can be sure that your daughter will have free access to good, healthy food, fruit and drinks even if they also prefer to bring some food from home.

3. Additional government funding (Pupil Premium) is attached to free school meal eligibility. This means that the school will get extra money that will be used for your daughter's benefit.

4. Many opportunities will be open to pupils in receipt of free school meals, and as these opportunities and government policies often have strict entry criteria, pupils who are officially in receipt of free school meals will usually have priority.

If you are unsure about applying for free school meals, access the Directgov website to see if you qualify for free school meals.

If you qualify, you will need to apply through the borough in which you live and they will let us know about your child's entitlement. Croydon's application process can be accessed here.

If you need any help, please contact the school.


Free School Meal form 

Directgov website 



Free School Meal Checker

Parents can use the Free School Meal Checking Service: an online process where parents can check eligibility for free school meals. Parents can conduct a simple online check to determine eligibility for free school meals which in turn may attract the extra funding for each of their children’s schools. Parents are not required to accept free meals but schools appreciate the help with conducting an online check.

For more information and to share this with parents the website is: