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Updated Mobile phones policy information

As with many other schools in Croydon, we will be operating a “no mobile phone” policy here at Virgo Fidelis. We can no longer take responsibility for mobile phones and would prefer that your daughter does not bring one in at all.  This means that girls will no longer hand in their phones at the student office.

Should a phone be heard or seen at any time at school, it will be confiscated for 5 working (school) days.  If it were to happen again that sanction would be doubled (eg 10 working days) and so on.

There is much evidence to suggest that mobile phones are robbing our children of their ability to concentrate and are especially distracting in lessons, even if simply in the same room and switched off. I am that sure I do not need to tell you that there is a clear correlation between mental ill-health and mobile phone usage not to mention the appalling nature of cyber-bullying which is a real scourge in the 21st century.  I look forward to your cooperation with this.

We ask that parents support us fully if pupils break the mobile phone rules. If pupils follow the rules, then a phone is never at risk of confiscation. It is only when pupils break the rules that there is a problem.

School staff will always contact home if communication is necessary. Parents are asked to keep their contact details up to date at all times.