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GSO Test

Year 11 Pre Public Examinations: 

30th November to 11th December 2020

1. All students must arrive promptly to school at 8.15am in full school uniform. Any student who arrives late to the exam means they will NOT be allowed to sit their mock in that particular subject.

2. They must be well equipped with their writing/mathematical equipment for each examination. Students will need to bring their own black pens, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener, ruler, protractor, compass, colouring pencils, and calculator. None of this equipment can be given out due to Covid 19. In addition, all equipment must be in a see-through pencil case or plastic bag.

3. The examinations will be conducted under specific conditions in accordance with the regulations required for public examinations. These include the fact that the students may not have mobile phones or electronic devices including smart watches with them in the exam hall.

4. Students may not talk or make contact in the exam hall or they will be disqualified.

5. If a student breaks any of the exam regulations, again they will be disqualified from that exam while school sanctions will then apply.

6. Please note that due to restrictions in space, hot lunches will not be served during the above dates since the Sports Hall is being used for the exams. Students will however be able to buy a packed lunch or to bring their own.

Mock Exam timetable for students returning 3 December 

Mock Exam timetable for students returning 7 December