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Virgo Fidelis Drop down day with a focus on health and wellbeing

20th October 2020

The drop down days at Virgo Fidelis are designed to inspire students to get involved in a variety of activities ranging from learning about future career paths, realising the connection between sports and wellbeing. Students benefit from having the opportunity to experience something new that they may not have had the chance to encounter before.
The day is off- timetable and usually a number of guest speakers are invited to come and share their expertise and inspire with their knowledge.

This year, although the day was slightly different due to Covid restrictions, students still enjoyed the range of activities that were held within their class bubbles. Young people’s Health and Wellbeing were the main focus of the day and in these uncertain times, this topic is more important than ever. The pandemic has impacted on everyone’s lives and it is important that young people know that there is help out there should they be in need. 

Jack Petchey 'Speakers trust' workshop

7 November 2020

The workshop’s purpose is to engage in public speaking, to promote a positive self-image and improve students' Speaking and Listening Grade for GCSE English Language. The ultimate benefit is that participants have a great opportunity to become confident and compelling communicators with the ability to speak with clarity and impact.

 Girls in Data

 Virgo Fidelis was the first school in the UK to participate in the launch of the inspirational ‘Girls in Data’ in partnership with Women in Data, an organisation that works to promote and inspire women and girls to take up a career in data.

‘Women in Data UK is a movement and a force for change in the realm of data science and analytics. www.womenindata.co.uk’

Enjoy this wonderful short film and encourage young women and girls to take up an important role in shaping our future by choosing a career in computer science.