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Relocation update 15/03/2019



There is still time to return the transport questionnaire to the school office if you have not yet done so. It is important that you fill in the questionnaire if you need the transport. Please click on the Questionnaire Transport Questionnaire link below and download the form.

You can return it to the school office or email it to relocation@virgofidelis.org.uk 


Relocation update 08/03/2019



Please click on link below for the Transport Questionnaire

Relocation Transport Questionnaire 

Dear Parent/Guardian

I am delighted to say that we have a date when you can come and visit the new temporary site for Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School on the premises of Archbishop Lanfranc which is Thursday March 14th from 6-7pm. ( Please meet Mrs Meyer in the car park no later than 5.45pm.) Please see link to the letter below and return the slip confirming attendance no later than Monday 11th March.

Archbishop Lanfranc site visit letter



Relocation update 01/03/2019



Virtual tour of Archbishop Lanfranc 


Fact Sheet for Virgo Fidelis Temporary Relocation

Facts regarding the temporary relocation of Virgo Fidelis to Archbishop Lanfranc premises.  As the project progresses we will be updating this sheet to keep everyone fully informed.

Why has the decision been made to temporarily relocate the school?

The Governing Board and the Trustees of Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School, Upper Norwood, London announce that with effect from April 26th 2019, the whole of the Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School Upper Norwood will relocate to the premises of The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy, Mitcham Rd Croydon.  It is proposed that this move will be until 31st July 2020.

The two school establishments will remain separate schools.  The pupils of Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School will continue to attend an all- girls school.

Virgo Fidelis Convent Secondary School is moving on a temporary basis to this new site while health and safety concerns about the existing buildings are adequately addressed.  The new building at The Archbishop Lanfranc school was opened in September 2016 and has ample space to accommodate Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School.

By moving to the Archbishop Lanfranc site the pupils of Virgo Fidelis Convent Secondary School will be given the opportunity of working in a building that will require minimal maintenance work and afford senior leaders with the opportunity to focus on the pupils’ direct education.

Were other options considered?

Yes but these were cost prohibitive. Consideration was given to housing pupils in porta cabins in the extensive grounds at Virgo Fidelis. However, the estimated cost of doing so far exceeded the amount of money available to support the health and safety adjustments needed, and would likely exceed the total cost of repairs, doubling, at least, the amount needed to make the building safe.

Consideration was also given to closing the school and relocating the pupils in other schools locally. This suggestion was ruled out on the basis that parents had opted positively for single-sex Catholic education and the governors were keen to preserve this at all cost. Consideration was given to closing sections of the school most at risk, and only using those parts judged safe by appropriate and competent bodies. However, there are concerns throughout the entire building.

Why has the decision been taken now?

This was a difficult decision to make and the governing board, after consulting with the officials from the Archdiocese, the school’s trustees Diocese Board, the Local Authority and Structural Professionals and Surveyors, decided that due to health and safety issues with the infrastructure of the building the safest option was to relocate the whole school temporarily whilst further structural investigation takes place.

What is the reason for the decision?

The health and safety of the school is of the utmost importance to the Governing Board. Having taken advice from the Archdiocese, Local Authority and specialist professionals this was undeniably the safest option for the staff and pupils of Virgo Fidelis.

Will Virgo Fidelis join with Archbishop Lanfranc?

No. The two schools will work side-by-side to ensure that the two distinct identities are preserved, especially as this is a temporary move only.


Will there be an opportunity for parents and pupils to visit Archbishop Lanfranc?

Yes. The project manager is negotiating between the schools, dates and times when it will be possible for parents to visit the school and view its impressive facilities.

Will the timetable be affected?

In order to make this move as smooth as possible, there will need to be some adjustments to the timetable. However, these will be kept to a minimum and will mainly be put in place to enable separate access to spaces that will need to be shared such as the library, dinner hall, sports and drama facilities.

Will there be transportation between Virgo Fidelis old site and the one at Archbishop Lanfranc?

The project team is currently exploring a wide range of potential solutions for assisting pupils and staff in their travel to the temporary site. The team is already aware that some pupils will have much more complex journeys. Some will, however, have much shorter and easier journeys.

Will Virgo Fidelis still be a Catholic girls' school?

Yes. There is no plan to remove the designation ‘Catholic’ from the school. The space at Archbishop Lanfranc is so well designed that it is possible to keep the two schools running side by side so that the single-sex education that parents opted for can be preserved.

Will there be any additional support for pupils?

 Yes. The school’s pastoral team will be strengthened to ensure that pupils who are affected adversely by the move will receive additional support.

What will happen in the future for Virgo Fidelis?

Currently, the Archdiocese and the Local Authority have asked the trustees of the school buildings at Upper Norwood to set out a plan for how they will make the buildings safe again. This will be judged against modern building requirements and regulations. The plan is due to be in place by July 2019 and if there are any changes we will let you know via the school website. This is a temporary move for Virgo Fidelis until July 2020. During the temporary relocation a separate project will review the existing situation of the buildings and assess the work required. 

If you have any further questions regarding the temporary relocation of Virgo Fidelis then please email relocation@virgofidelis.org.uk



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