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Summer 2021

GCSE students will receive their results on Thursday 12 August 2021

Following the impact of the Covid-19  pandemic, the UK government has decided that the Summer 2021 examination series will not go ahead as planned. Instead, teachers will determine your grades,  based upon a range of evidence verified by your school or college.

These results will  then be reviewed by the exam  boards who designed each  course, before awarding the final grades which reflect your  performance on content you have been  taught, and allow you to confidently progress to the next stage of your education or into employment.

The JCQ document on the link below,  provides an overview of the most important information that you  and your parents or guardians need to know about how grades will be awarded this summer. This includes a timeline of what is happening and when; how teachers, schools and colleges will determine your grades; and  when you  will receive your results.

You can find more information in our full guidance document, published on the JCQ website below:

Guidance for Students and Parents on Summer 2021