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Art & Design at Virgo Fidelis

Art is on a carousel with Food Technology and Textiles at Key Stage 3.


Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 2

Spring Term 1

Spring Term 2

Summer Term 1

Summer Term 2

Year 7

Art Induction Scheme (Introduction to the formal elements)

Cookies and Candy (2-D)

Natural Form and Patterns (2-D)

Sealife (3-D)

The Man-made Environment (2-D)

Robots (3-D)

Year 8

Art and Music (2-D)

Creepy Crawlies (2-D/3-D)

Introduction to Architecture (2-D/3-D)

Public Space (2-D)



Introduction to Masks (2-D) Disguise (3-D)
Year 9

Ello Sweety (2-D)

POP! (3-D)

Branding (2-D)

Art and Protest (2-D)

Broken (2-D)

Broken (2-D/3-D)

Year 10


Natural Form (2-D)

Natural Form (2-D)

Natural Form (2-D)

Natural Form (2-D)

Identity (2-D/3-D)


Identity (2-D/3-D)

Year 11

Natural Form (2-D)

Natural Form (2-D)

Exam Unit (2-D/3-D)

Exam Unit (2-D/3-D)

Exam Unit (2-D/3-D)


Key Stage 4

  • One Portfolio 60%
  • One Set task  40%

What Will I Study?

  • A110 is the portfolio
  • A120 is the set task

Assessment Structure 

·         Over the two year course you will produce an Art and Design Portfolio; each will be assessed by your class teacher. This unit will make up the coursework component. You will also have to complete an examination component which will be made up of eight weeks preparation and a ten-hour examination.

  • The coursework component is worth 60% of the overall grade.
    The examination component is worth 40% of the overall grade.

Number and length of exams;

  • One set task of ten hours

Entry Requirements

The ideal candidate

  • Is interested in art and design
  • Able to work independently
  • Able to complete work on time
  • Likes to explore their work and the work of artists
  • Is committed and hard working.

Careers and Future Pathways

  • This course also prepares you for advanced courses in Art and Design at AS/A2 and BTEC National Diploma level.