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Student Testimony

Testimony from previous student: Childcare Level 3  

Kadijah F.

My name is Kadijah.  I have been studying CACHE Level 3 for two years and feel that it is a rewarding course to study.  I have gained a lot of knowledge and information based on the needs and rights of children aged zero to sixteen years.  We were lucky enough to participate in work experience in a nursery setting which helped to provide us with hands on experience which we could benefit from in later life.

The course consists of coursework, a short answer exam paper and a research task.  In my opinion I believe that this is the best course and we also receive support throughout the course from our CACHE teachers. 

CACHE became beneficial to my career path to study Midwifery at University.  Since applying I know that I have met most of the entry requirements.  Studying CACHE also opens a lot of doors in many fields such as social work, midwifery, nursing, teaching and much more. It is also a subject which is fun and interesting not just based in a class room setting but gives you an opportunity to experience the work environment.  I recommend it to others.