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Computing Department

Welcome to the Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior School Computing Department.  The school gained specialist status in Mathematics and Computing and continues to pride itself on excellence in these areas. 

The ICT department is responsible for the teaching of Computing across all Key stages. The department has six dedicated Computing rooms and a sixth form study room which are maintained by a dedicated team of support staff.

Following the curriculum change from ICT to Computing in 2014 and the new focus on computational thinking and Computer Science, the department is developing new areas within Key Stage 3, creating a solid foundation for GCSE and beyond.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum:


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

  • Practical work on the computer system
  • Spreadsheets and Modelling
  • Integrated project:  Are we being misled?
  • Programming in Scratch 1.4
  • Graphics Project  – Photoshop/Serif draw
  • Impact of ICT on society

Year 8

  • Practical work on the computer system (Hardware)  and Networks
  • Basic Introduction:  Binary and Logic gate
  • Software (Application systems and utility software): 
  • Revision: Spreadsheet and Modelling
  • Integrated project
  • Programming in Scratch 1.4
  • Programming – Python or Visual basic
  • Impact of ICT on society:  Carry out research and create a discovery board


Year 9 

(ICT Functional Skills)

  • Using  ICT System
  • Safety Security Sources Information
  • Using ICT Based Information
  • Entering Developing Combining Information
  • Presenting Information
  • Communicating Using ICT