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Our Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Welcome to the History Department. On this page  you will find information about learning History from Year 7 onwards at Virgo Fidelis.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

Historical sources

Norman Conquest: Battle of Hastings, Feudal System, castles, life on a manor


Medieval Church and monasteries, Thomas Becket, King John and Magna Carta, setting up of Parliament

Edward I, Black Death, Peasants’ Revolt, Medieval towns, education in Medieval England

Year 8

Henry VIII: Break from Rome, Thomas Cromwell,

Edward VI, Mary Tudor,

Elizabeth: religion, Parliament, Spanish Armada

James I: Gunpowder Plot, Pilgrim Fathers

Charles I: early years, 11 Years Tyranny, Civil War and execution

Oliver Cromwell and Interregnum

Charles II and the Restoration

James II and the Glorious Revolution

William and Mary

Year 9

Agricultural, Industrial and Transport Revolutions

Impact on society

Crime and Punishment  Slave Trade

Early 20th century: Liberal reforms, women’s suffrage

World War I: causes and results

World War II: causes, the Blitz, impact on local area, Holocaust, Cold War

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