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Music Department

The Music department at Virgo Fidelis is enthusiastic, lively and dynamic. There is a never-ending buzz of students at both break and lunchtimes.

Year 7 pupils have a generous two hours a week and years 8 and 9, one hour. We have GCSE music running after school hours, and A-level music is also offered. The numbers are increasing yearly and students have an opportunity to record their work in the recording studio situated in the new building.

The department has a wide range of peripatetic teachers and we offer a selection of instruments to learn. These are paid weekly lessons and we strive to accommodate all requests.

At lunchtimes we have many clubs including keyboard club, junior choir, gospel choir, band, ukulele group, music tech club, and steel pans. All are encouraged to attend and there is no audition process.


Each year we run Music Tours. For example, a gospel choir tour to York, the junior choir tour to Disneyland, Paris for four days. They sang in York Minster, local churches and on the stage in the Disneyland Park. The gospel choir often performs in cathedrals and churches around the country. During the year we provide a wide range of experiences for the students to enjoy: from hip hop to musicals to ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. In the Summer term we organise a Summer production. All years are encouraged to audition and take part.

If you like what you are reading or would like any further information then please feel free to join us or ring the department on 020 8655 9091.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum:


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

  • What is music? Exploring rhythm and devising rhythm grids. Vocalise.
  • Introduction to keyboards, percussion instruments.
  • Basic notation and notation grids.
  • Simple composition tasks and listening activities.
  • Christmas song writing and carols.
  • Elements of music.
  • Beethoven- ode to joy and assessment.
  • Instruments of the orchestra
  • Mango walk and carnival of the animals- workshops.
  • Stand by me and beautiful girls in groups.
  • Pachelbel canon and coolio
  • Recap of rhythm and elements of music.
  • Pictures at an exhibition
  • Summer song-writing
  • Graphic scores.
  • Revision for summer music exam

Year 8

  • Complex rhythms including dotted notes and syncopation.
  • Theme and variations.
  • Christmas song writing and carols.
  • Blues and jazz- listening and writing blues songs. Learn 12-bar blues.
  • Compare blues and jazz. Composing tasks.
  • World music- music from other cultures. Project work in groups.
  • Summer song writing

Year 9

  • Rhythm and notation reminders
  • Film music- listening, drama, storyboards in groups. Compose music to a film clip.
  • Continue and finish film music unit.
  • Adverts and music in advertising. Design and plan an advert for Tv.
  • Popular music. Listening tasks and composing own pop song. Presentations to the class.

Sarah Hume, Head of Music