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Into my will, let there pour strength.
Into my feelings, let there flow warmth, Into my mind, let there shine light.

Welcome to
Virgo Fidelis

Virgo Fidelis believes that each pupil is both unique and equal to others regardless of sex, nationality, colour, creed, class, intellectual ability, or disability.

It is the intention that all relationships at Virgo Fidelis are conducted in a Spirit of Love and Understanding.

Virgo Fidelis inspires each pupil with Faith, Hope, justice and Love, which enable her to recognise that she belongs to the human family, and encourage the growth and development of the whole person.

Virgo Fidelis hopes, through encouraging each girl to develop her aptitudes, to implant in her mind a strong personal desire to improve, and hence to succeed.

Virgo Fidelis aspires to equip each pupil to go on to adult life ready to play an effective role in the society of which we are all a part.

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Welcome to our first Friday communication regarding the relocation of Virgo Fidelis School.

We intend to publish something every Friday from now on with updates of details on the move to our new site so that we can keep parents as informed as possible.

Thanks to all of you who attended the Parents' Forum. We have made detailed notes of all that was said that night and we will consider all the points that were raised.

It is the intention that Virgo Fidelis will relocate temporarily to the site of Archbishop Lanfranc School at the beginning of the Summer Term.

The schools will not be merging and Virgo Fidelis is not closing.

The same teaching and administrative staff will move along with all the students and the ethos of the school remains exactly the same.

There are wonderful new resources at the new site and we are working to find a date when parents will be able to visit after half term.

At the Parents' Forum several points were made with regards to Transport, length of the school day and how the two schools will exist separately. After half term we will have news on all these and other issues and will share them with you every Friday via the website.

In the meantime if anyone wishes to share anything at all please send an email to


Thanks for your continued support. Have a wonderful half term break.