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The junior choir are practising hard for their forthcoming performance in Disneyland, Paris

Junior Choir on Tour to Disneyland Paris

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Miss Hume's reflections on the Disney trip

Amazingly all passports came through in time so we were able to take 38 very excited year 7s. We also had 3 birthdays on the trip and Jada's mother was up most of the night baking cakes! It never ceases to amaze me how much the girls eat and how many were able to consume some sort of burger before we got on the ferry at Dover.

The journey to the hotel was straightforward and despite the growing temperatures, we all arrived in one piece. A short walk to the pizza place turned into a longer walk as we took the scenic, slightly kind of possibly a little in the wrong direction route. We did eventually make it and were greeted by 50 cold cans of coke and an overwhelmed pizza chef. The teachers all got involved and helped by cutting pizzas, taking orders and serving the girls. All were happy and relieved to be in the air con and full of pizza.

The following day we awoke early and did a performing t-shirt, black shoes and black trousers check before we set off for Disney. Met at Pluto gate by the Disney staff we were told that photos were forbidden as Disney secrets must stay secret. A sound check and microphone check later and we changed into performance gear. All were noisy and excited. There were 10 soloists this year. The girls performed brilliantly and there were several hundred in the audience. After the gig all were free to go on the rides and went off in small groups. The staff headed to peter pan, Ghost train and the train around the park. Several meet ups later and we all saw the parade together. I cannot believe how those people survived in their furry Disney costumes in the 38 degree heat! The girls were tired but happy and headed to McDonald's for dinner. Many had bought mickey mouse ears and fluffy Disney characters.

Our last day consisted of buying lunch in a supermarket- French speaking encouraged- and then a tour around Paris including the experience of the roundabout at the arc de triomphe! We stopped at the Eiffel Tower for lunch and photos before heading to the Georges pomipdou centre. This is an interesting building with the escalators on the outside! We went up to the top to see an amazing view of Paris and many of the girls had their portrait drawn by a street artist. The evening consisted of a boat trip around Paris on the bateaux mouches. Fifi paid for this with her Jack Petchey money. We discovered that due to Summer Solstice the streets of Paris were filled with live musicians on every street corner. It is an evening where local musicians are encouraged to play their instruments in the streets and you can travel all around the city for 3 euros. The river Seine was heaving with dancers, singers, people having picnics and watching the world go by. The girls spent their time waving to everyone!

The coach journey back the following day consisted of many sleeping or watching a film and we arrived back safely and knackered. I have received many kind messages from parents and would like to thank the staff Disney team for their efforts. I really believe these trips are incredibly valuable and they teach pupils many things that we cannot teach at school.