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The Year 11 PPE results assembly had a change of format this year. Parents and students were invited to a special evening together to collect their daughter’s results. As in previous years the results were given out in an envelope to replicate the way students will be presented with their final GCSE results in August. 

There was cause for celebration by many students, showing that effort and dedication to their studies pays off. As always some students were disappointed with their results and these students should now have a clearer idea how to change their study habits in order to improve their results for their final examinations. 

There were messages of inspiration from staff and the Head Girl – Joy. We strongly believe that in the summer there will be much more cause for celebration as there will be many small group interventions between now and when the students take their final exams. Parents and students have been reminded about the importance of avoiding distractions whilst studying to enable students to fulfil their potential in every subject.