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Houses of the Congregation of Our Lady of Fidelity

Our Lady of Fidelity' was the first 'daughter house' of the 'Congrégation Notre-Dame de Fidélité', the mother house is located in 'La-Deliverande', Normandy, France.
The logo inspires the 'motto' of Mother Saint Mary 'Give to the children the wish to do well and you will have gained everything'.
The four principles of her action are 'audacity', 'faith', 'truth' and 'listening'.
The European dimension of the 'Congregation of Our Lady of Fidelity';  the 10 educational  establishments  and the two Student Foyers all are attached to our Congregation in England, Belgium, France and Italy.
Listening is expressed by the stylised drawing of an ear.

Link: Our Lady of Fidelity