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Mark Evison Foundation School Award for Virgo Fidelis Students

Faridah Olaifa receives her Mark Evison Certificate from Mrs Edwards, Head of Sixth Form. Faridah is the second Fidelis pupil to receive funding from the Foundation and we are very proud of her achievement.

You can watch her film on the Mark Evison website.

Her story, in her words……

“From studying Psychology for 3 years at school, I became really interested in the subject – particularity the biological aspects of the subject and how our genes and biology effect our mental health. Studying this and being affected personally inspired the idea to make something that could make people understand the difficulty that is ‘depression’.

Since it is such a complex topic, I decided to focus on how it physically affects people, through making a short film. I chose for the film to have no spoken words, as I wanted people to really understand the physical difficulties with depression. This was challenging for me, as I wanted to create something that would really make an impact whilst insuring people would be more aware of how serious mental illnesses can be.

I hired an actress to play the role of the depressed teenager, and a friend of mine volunteered to play the physical form of depression that is seen in the short film. The filming process went smoothly. I was fortunate to have access to the locations needed to film the scenes I had planned in my mind. It took a few weeks to plan, then a week to film and another week to edit.

The Mark Evison Foundation really contributed to making a dream of mine come true. I have always wanted to make films, and making one that could impact lives is something I am proud to have now been able to do.”