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Summer Homework

Your teachers want to make sure that you have a productive summer break and maintain your momentum for coming back to school in September. On this page you can find some subject homework for current Year 7-10 students, who will be going into Years 8-11 in September. Happy holidays!

PE Summer Homework

Year 7

1) Draw a netball court

2) Place the position at the start of the game

  • Goal Keeper
  • Goad Defence
  • Wing Defence
  • Canter
  • Wing Attack
  • Goal Attack

3) Where can each player move to?


Year 8

Try a new activity over the holiday and write any rules you have learnt, draw the court/pitch.


Year 9

  • Keep a food diary for one week.
  • Next to each piece of food and drink let us know if it has a source of the following:
  • Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, Fibre, water, vitamins or minerals.